In addition to creating fun events and game design, ABLBLALAB offers event programming, conferences and workshop facilitation.


 original game

ablblalab loves to collaborate with all sorts of expertise and complementary fields to create original games that combine fun, social impact and collective power-ups towards a socially responsible entertainment.

Original creations:

-Les mille fins
-Pipoes - Ping-Pong d'énigmes
( 2018)
-BAPUPA- Banc public parlant
( in processus 2019)

See the project sections for details


Bal masqué, vintage retro event, musical and teatrical cabaret, ablblalab adds game like ideas and programs the event with appropriate interaction to better the experience of your event.

Whether it is a party or a festival where participants take up the major themes play them to better integrate new learning, such as the conference on the city organized by the Quartier des spectacles or the annual conference of the Association des communicateurs scientifiques, or a conference that needs to have more hands on public such as the Symposium of the Société des arts technologiques, ABLBLALAB enhances the experience through interactivity, adapted to the type of audience present.

Examples of parties and event creation:
Les soirée des rendez-vous québécois 2009 and 2010 editions

conferences, workshops and Collaborium

The pop up mega art world DISMALAND created by street artist Banksy himself, the historical interactive experience Sleep no more, or the NY Games for Change Festival, we went for you and can give inspiration presentation, resume and conference on the subject.

Conceptual tools Masterclass and social impact themes are also part of ablblalab's intellectual purposes and a array of workshop can be design according to your need.
Example of subject:
Jeux video et Empathie
Television program CBC Radio-Canada

Le jeu et un language qui engage: interactivity, co-design and motivations of social impact games

Collective Empathy

Collaborium is collective intelligence at its best to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. A new way of exchanging and building towards the common good, with play as a tool and as an agent linking ideas and people.